Successful Wedding Photographer

The Successful Wedding Photographer

Proven Strategies from top wedding photograhers

Building a successful wedding photography business requires more than the right equipment and an eye for a shot. It demands an understanding of business and promotion, marketing and selling. It requires a knowledge of the digital photography market and an awareness of how today's top photographers are reaching clients and building their brands.

Filled with dozens of interviews, The Successful Wedding Photographer explains the latest strategies, the best approaches and the most creative methods now used to attract clients and build wedding photography businesses. Whether you’re a seasoned professional looking to stay up to date or a new photographer keen to hit the ground running, The Successful Wedding Photographer explains all of today’s most powerful photography marketing tactics.

  • Discover what really works when you’re trying to bring in couples and pitch your services.
  • Learn which advertising spots bring in the best results and the copy that persuades clients to buy.
  • Read about real viral marketing campaigns that turn old clients into active evangelists.
  • Check out the latest wedding photography styles, and learn how they can help you conquer your niche.
Based on interviews with dozens of leading photographers, The Successful Wedding Photographer is filled with case-studies, examples and proven methods of building a top-earning wedding photography business.

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